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Our location is absolutely ideal for people in Accra for business or having fun. In Accra, Osu is the place to be for shopping, night life, and entertainment. The great thing about our location is that we are very close to all this action that takes place on the main Oxford street but we are in a part of Osu that is a little more residential and quiet with much less traffic so your nights will be sound and your coming and going will be easier.

We are right on Lokko Road in the older part of Osu near the night market. This part of Osu is primarily residential but has a good mix of eateries, businesses, radio stations and small businesses primarily catering to the local market rather than the upscale market which the main Oxford street Osu caters to. This area is more traditional and close to the fishing beach which is still the life blood of the old community along with the clan houses and the Osu King's Palace.


From the airport by private car:

  1. When exiting the airport go straight through the first roundabout to the main junction with the light. Take a left at the light onto Liberation/Independence Ave. going south to Accra city center.
  2. Continue going south to the large Sankara Interchange where you will exit off the main road and proceed to make your way onto Ring Road going to the East towards Labadi and Osu. At the first circle you meet Danquah circle you will take a right onto Oxford street.
  3. You will go down Oxford street past the major business district, past Papaye, past the Shell filling station and continue straight to the first traffic light you come to on the whole Oxford, at the light also know as Presby School junction you will take a left. You will go to the first 4 way junction and we are on the left right there, you can park in front of the hotel in the lot.

By Taxi:

When hailing a taxi you can ask the driver if he knows VRA Clinic Osu, or Photo shop. If the driver does not know either of these or our Hotel, it is recommended that you take another taxi. From VRA clinic is just to the East of us on the same street. If you are facing VRA clinic just to the left of the clinic is a historic church, to the left of the church there is junction we are just on the other side of the junction.

If the driver takes you to Photo Club, you will continue down this side road past Laramart and continue through one 4 way junction until you reach the second. There will be a historic church on your left and a tall building on your right. We are the tall building on your right.